Quantatative analysis and training programs built on trust-based ethics  

Ethical Trust is a new paradigm. It is based on the premise that the end goal of ethics is to create trusting relationships. High-trust organizations are implicitly ethical.
Using proprietary models and software technologies, Ethical Trust analyzes, measures, and quantifies discrete components of trust and provides composite scores.  When tied to other organizational metrics, this intelligence offers a roadmap for the implementation of targeted strategies to optimize levels of trust between stakeholders throughout an organization. When the stakeholder pool is expanded to include communities, the environment, the society-at-large, Ethical Trust offers a measurable approach to bettering the world.

Module 1:

ETHICAL TRUST - A New Model of Business Ethics. An overview of the program.

Presents the core premise: How optimizing levels of trust with stakeholders through strategic ethical decision making and implementation leads to more successful organizations.

Module 2:


An exploration of what is Ethical Trust:

  • Definitions of Ethical Trust 
  • What Constitutes Ethical Trust - The 6 Aspects of Trust 
  • The Three Dimensions of Ethical Trust 
  • The Rational and Emotional Nature of Ethical Trust 
  • Ethical Strategies to Support Trust 
  • The Ethical Trust Grid for Measuring Trust

Module 3:


An Introduction to The Trust Grid - A new tool for seeing the world through the "Eyes of Ethics and Trust". 

Using The Ethical Trust Grid to measure levels of Trust and how it provides the means to manage and improve levels of Trust in an organization.

Module 4:


Exploring specific ethical strategies that can be used to manage and improve levels of Trust in an organization.  

  • Congruence - Listening - Integrity - Values - Empowerment - Transparency

Module 5: 
Using the Trust Q Grid

A step-by-step guide on using The TrustQ Grid. Measuring, quantifying, and analyzing Trust - the basis for the management of trust and ethics. 

Module 6:
Ethical Trust Survey

A guide on how to conduct an Ethical Trust Survey. A review of The Ethical Trust Grid and its principles. Becoming a Detective through Artful Questioning. The Cycle of Thinking and Emotions. Using Word Wheels.

Module 7: 
Ethics, Trust, and Money

The special place Money has in the world of Trust and Ethics. Why understanding  the 'real' meaning of the phrase "The Financial System is based on Trust" is critical to recognizing the role money plays in every organization.

Module 8:
The TrustQ Technology - Quantifying Trust

A detailed exploration of the innovative paradigm that underlies Ethical Trust. How it is used to examine and quantify the amorphous world of trust and ethics. How it provides precise and practical metrics that can be used to develop actionable and targeted strategies that impact the world. 

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