• The Ethical Trust Grid lies at the center of the Ethical Trust program:
    • The Ethical Trust Grid  is a simple, easy to use tool.
    • The Grid is a visual model that can be memorized almost instantly.
    • The Grid allows one to quickly analyze and measure levels of Ethics and Trust in any businessrelationship.

  • The Ethical Trust Grid is a visual representation of an innovative way of understanding, analyzing, and measuring Ethics and Trust.
    • Recognizes that Ethics and Trust can be divided into discreet levels which makes it easier to analyze:
      • Personal
      • Organizational
      • Global
    • Recognizes that Ethics and Trust can also be divided into separate characteristics: 
      • Competence
      • Intentions
      • Shared Values
(There are other characteristics that can be employed, depending on a particular scenario. These include:  Integrity,  Communications, Allied Interests, et al. For the sake of effective implementation we generally keep an analysis limited to 3 characteristics.)

  • Ethical Trust acknowledges that that Ethics and Trust also have rational and emotional dimensions.

The Ethical Trust Grid provides a roadmap of how to address issues of Ethics andTrust in any business relationship.

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