Stuart Diamond is the author of the Ethical Trust program.

As co-founder of Empowered Media and Empowered Medical Media, Diamond was at the forefront of the digital media and online marketing revolution.

While serving Empowered Media, Diamond worked with major defense contractors, international human rights organizations, the United Nations, and top Fortune 500 companies. His work included consulting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on counter-terrorism strategies. In his role as editor-in-chief of Empowered Doctor, he oversaw the development of thousands of health-related news stories, including the media production of The National Physician of the Year Awards. Independently, he developed educational programs for Wall Street on the nature of trust and the financial system.

As a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Diamond visits colleges throughout the United States in support of the value of the liberal arts. For 9 years, he was a Trustee for The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Arthur Kane is the Founding Director of the Center of Ethics at St. Thomas University. 

Under his leadership and vision The Center was established in 2000 through a generous gift from the Joseph and Marilyn Sciortino Family Foundation. Art was previously a Jesuit priest, who worked in Jamaica. After leaving the priesthood he joined the Faculty of Philosophy at St. Thomas University

Zeze Peters is our Chief Strategy officer.

Zeze is a Cornell educated Rocket-scientist and former Director of Product engineering, who spent the last 10 years making simple solutions to complex problems in Applied AI, eCommerce, Consumer goods and Big data systems for Fortune 1000 companies. He is the founder & CEO of Beam.city, a company making the one Ads platform to rule them all, by using AI to publish and optimize ads with an aim to enable ads that come to you with the perfect solutions to your problems before you even search, while maintaining privacy. Beam.city grew revenues 21 times in the last 9 months, and Zeze is a Black Innovation Fellow at the DMZ, Canada's top accelerator

Thomas Roedel is our Chief Technology Officer.

Thomas Roedel   is a data scientist, machine learning engineer, senior software engineer in high performance computing, embedded systems, computer vision, robotics, and deep learning. His expertise includes enterprise class system architecture, multi-process, multi-threaded applications, distributed, parallel and real time computing, including machine learning algorithms.

Recently he has been principal researcher, responsible for development of sense and avoid technology and computer vision algorithm for object detection, localization of aircraft, drones in a ground-based and on-board embedded systems utilizing deep learning and probabilistic algorithms.

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