“Trust is the foundation of society. Where there is no truth, there can be no trust, and where there is no trust, there can be no society. Where there is society, there is trust, and where there is trust, there is something upon which it is supported.”

                                                                                           Frederick Douglas,
Our Composite Nationality (1869)

The Power of Ethical Trust

ETHICAL TRUST:  An ideal where individuals, institutions, and community (the stakeholders) share ethical and trusting relationships. Trust is measured, on an individual and group basis, allowing for evaluation and improvement. High trust organizations are implicitly ethical. 


The Goal of Ethics is Trust.

Ethical Trust® is a new paradigm. It is based on the premise that the end goal of ethics is to create trusting relationships. High-trust organizations are implicitly ethical.  

- Ethics is often defined as “doing the right thing” – discovering the right “actions” to deal with morally complex or ambiguous scenarios. 

- Ethical Trust provides a perspective of what are the best actions to take – that are Ethical and will develop and maintain Trust.        

Ethical Trust®analyzes, measures, and quantifies discrete components of trust and provides composite scores.  When tied to other organizational metrics, this intelligence offers a roadmap for the implementation of targeted strategies to optimize levels of trust between stakeholders throughout an organization. When the stakeholder pool is expanded to include communities, the environment, the society-at-large, Ethical Trust® offers a measurable approach to bettering the world. 

Ethical Trust® is based on programs originally developed in conjunction with major institutions from the healthcare and financial industries. Initially, we worked with national medical centers developing marketing and patient acquisition programs. We then developed original programs for one of America's leading Wall Street firms, helping management confront the loss of the public’s trust in the financial sector. As its underlying principles are universal, Ethical Trust® can be expanded to support a wide range of industries in a post-pandemic world

The Power of Ethical Trust is a simple, direct program that offers actionable strategies that can be implemented and be applied to:

  • Business Acquisition and Sales 
  • Customer Relationships 
  • Marketing and Advertising 
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Management of Personnel
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Compliance
    • Conflicts of Interest

Many ethics-based training programs are defensive, creating heightened stress in the workplace. Ethical Trust programs are proactive, striving to create positive workplace cultures.

Recognizing that each organization faces unique challenges, every Ethical Trust program is customized - in consultation with an organization’s management - to meet those needs.

Ethical Trust ultimately is about relationships and The Golden Rule: 
“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

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